What Is PC Software?

PC software is a collection of utilities and programs that help the basic computer’s hardware work. It lets you do everything from creating documents to designing graphics or surfing the internet. There are two kinds of pc software: applications software and system software. Each of these software types operates in a different way and provides computers with different functionality.

Operating system (OS) is the most popular type of computer software. It is the first application to run when you boot up your computer, and it handles other background and system software as well as applications. The average computer user interfaces with OS via its graphical user interface (GUI) or in some cases, a less complicated command-line interface.

Other types of pc software include device drivers, that act as a software interface for the hardware that is connected to a computer, and helps the operating system and other computer programs control it. Firmware is another kind of software that runs on read-only memory. It provides low-level control for hardware devices and utility software that functions to manage, configure and offer support in the analysis and optimization of a computer system.

Programming software is PC software that enables developers to write, test, and analyze computer programs. It comprises programming languages, such as Java and Python and interpreters, compilers, assemblers and assemblers which convert high-level language programs to low-level machine code executed by the CPU.

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