He is the owner of multiple villages, and contains thousands of men not as much as their expert

He is the owner of multiple villages, and contains thousands of men not as much as their expert

It’s but a short while because there are but one female who was capable r

None of communities above named is on the list of towns impacted by the brand new reformation since considering about statement from just last year, or that the year prior to. Mrs. Schneider and her young man securely rejoined their particular husband at Aintab, concerning middle from Oct. Schneider in addition to other members of the fresh new route are finding the fresh new help of pastor Harritoon, (this new church out-of Nicomedia which have happily published to the increasing loss of its pastor s labors for several days,) a great recovery and you may morale on them. T hey talk about their labors when you look at the Aintab due to the fact appropriate in order to individuals and highly of good use. Nutting devotes a fraction of their time and energy to the latest classes off ten younger dudes from inside the theology, five out-of who, it’s questioned, will quickly discovered certificates once the preachers of the gospel.

That it department of effort is looked upon into the liveliest focus of the the fresh channel, given that waiting around a hope out of a source of laborers getting the realm of which that route ‘s the middle. The fresh new death of the teacher of senior school, an early man about seminary during the Bebek, regarding superior attainments and official certification, is actually sensed given that an aching bereavement. A native off Constantinople, women from Uzbekistan for marriage the guy turned into from brilliant worldly prospects, that into the a tiny salary, among rude people off Cilicia, he may assist in increase the new kingdom regarding their Saving grace. Early provides he started called to help you their other people; but their thoughts could be aromatic, with his convenience long-lasting. The newest high-school has grown in order to thirty-7 people. T he boy s primary college, with several coaches and another hundred or so scholars, the girls school, with several men educators and you may eighty scholars, and an exclusive university away from sixty girls, remaining gratuitously by the one of several church participants, are trying to do much getting Protestantism.

F ifty adult females have started understand to read within the year; more 50 have read to learn w e ll; and others are in procedure of learning.


83 1854. ARMENIANS. 83 the truth that of these two hundred and you may seventy-eight students on colleges, one or more hundred or so and you can seventy-five are from non- Protestant group. The fresh church has been annoyed by the issues, and this led to the latest defection of the lead of your own Protestant neighborhood, while the suspension system many members of the latest church. The second subsequently gave proof of repentance, and you can was basically restored ; plus the victory of your own opponent over the matter of defection served to modest new chapel, and you can ready yourself they having a religious true blessing. An addition regarding 30-you’ve got started designed to they, and the demonstration through which it has got introduced, tend to doubtless prove a long-lasting work for. The new leaven of gospel is working with manifest stamina. T the guy ladies of the channel look for an appealing industries off action into the conducting prayer conferences and you can providing spiritual training among the many females of your own city. Special thank you is due to your deliverance off imminent danger regarding Schneider and Mrs. Pratt, on the ways from Aintab to Marash. (Miss. Herald, 1854, pp. ninety, 91.) The fresh Board will be gratified to discover that from the active exertions of the Turkish Governor, the brand new robbers were apprehended, in addition to their discipline produced possible. At the away-station out-of Kessab a rise off nine church members was said, almost doubling the quantity ; together with Protestant people try enlarged so you’re able to no less than three hundred souls. Which advances is actually unexampled for the Turkey. t I have simply got event to appear and you may ask yourself and you can supplement, states new route report, while we have seen the job continuously going forward, on blessing of Lord on the labors of our own indigenous helpers. However it is wanted to refer to the correspondence regarding the Herald and Log away from Missions to own details of the fresh new delightful intelligence with are from Kessab, Marash, Oorfa, Adana, Severek, or other metropolises from the Aintab region. Brand new brethren present immediate is attractive for around consuming straight away Marash and you will Oorfa since the missionary stations. (Miss. Their. 1853, pp. 318, 365, 383, , pp. 106, 107, 137, 140, , 240.) More a tremendous industry there’s not only the newest springing grain, but an actual accumulate ripening with the hand of your own reaper. T H Age Grams R E E K S. A company from to try to get or twenty Greeks continues to see within the Pera (Constantinople) for Protestant praise. Benjamin and you will Constantinides preach on them. Riggs along with preaches in the Greek all of the Sabbath at Bebek towards the pupils of your seminary and a few other people. An earlier Greek, an indigenous off Damascus, keeps accepted Protestantism, and you may established a store about Greek quarter of one’s town where its Patriarch resides, with the sales of missionary books. H age is actually zealous on propagation away from

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