We look’d at him that have happiness: Since cowslip unto oxlip was, Thus appears she for the boy

We look’d at him that have happiness: Since cowslip unto oxlip was, Thus appears she for the boy

“O Walter, I’ve shelter’d here Any maiden grace The good dated Summer seasons, seasons because of the seasons, Generated mature when you look at the Sumner-chace:

“Old Summertimes, when the monk is weight, And you can, providing shorn and you can sleek, Carry out spin his girdle rigorous, and pat The girls through to this new cheek.

“Ere yet, when you look at the scorn away from Peter’s-pence, And number’d bead, and shrift, Bluff Harry bankrupt to your spence, And you may turn’d the new cowls adrift:

“And i also have experienced particular rating of these Fresh face, who thrive Whenever his people-inclined counterbalance rose To help you chase the deer during the four;

“And all sorts of the ones from the metropolis manage walk, Right up until one to insane wind made work in that depressing brewer’s soul Went by me, including an excellent stork:

“The new slight she-slips away from dedicated blood, While some, passing supplement, Strait-laced, however, the also full for the bud Having puritanic remains: >

“And i also features shadow’d of many a team of beauties, that were born For the teacup-days of hood and you can hoop, Otherwise since patch are used;

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“And you may, foot and you can case that have love-tangles gay, Regarding the myself leap’d and you can laugh’d The fresh Modish Cupid of the day, And you will shrill’d his tinsel axle.

“We claim (and otherwise will get insects prick For each leaf into the a great gall) This girl, getting which the cardio try unwell, Are three times well worth every one of them;

Say thou, whereon I created her label, If housemaid or lover, Just like the reasonable while the my personal Olivia, found other people underneath thy boughs

“Of these and you can theirs, because of the Nature’s laws, Possess faded long ago; However in this type of latter springs We noticed The Olivia blow,

“From when she gamboll’d towards veggies, An infant-germ, to help you if the maiden blooms off their particular youngsters You certainly will amount four off ten.

“I claim, of the leaf, and you will snap, and you will precipitation (And you may listen to myself that have thine ears), One, tho’ We circle in this new cereals Five hundred rings away from ages-

“Yet, since i have earliest you may cast a shadow, Did never animal citation So a bit, musically made, Very light on new yard:

“To have on fairies, that flit To really make the greensward new, We keep them exceptionally knit, But too spare away from skin.”

“O yesterday, you are sure that, brand new fair Is holden during the city; Their particular dad left their an excellent case-chair, And you may rode his hunter off.

“An hour had previous-and you may, resting upright In the reduced-wheel’d chaise, Their unique mommy trundled with the door About the fresh new dappled grays.

“However,, for their unique, she stay’d at home, As well as on this new rooftop she ran, And on the ways make use of to come, She look’d with discontent.

“She left the fresh new book 50 % of-uncut Abreast of the newest rosewood bookshelf; She kept the newest cello shut: She could not delight herself.

“Then ran she, gamesome given that colt, And you will livelier than just a great lark She sent their voice thro’ most of the the latest holt Ahead of their unique, together with playground.

“A white breeze chased their to the side, Along with the latest chase grew nuts, As close since the was create he embrace About the darling child:

“But white given that any breeze you to definitely punches So fleetly did she stir, The fresh rose she touch’d to the dipt and flower, And you can turn’d to consider her.

“This is how she arrived, and you will round me personally play’d, And sang in my opinion the complete Of those three stanzas one you have made On my personal ‘monster bole’;

Oh, cover up thy gnarled knees within the fern, And you will overlook the chace; And you may out-of thy topmost branch detect The brand new roofs of Sumner-lay

“Along with a match out of frolic mirth She strove so you’re able to duration my waist: Sadly, I was therefore large of girth, I will not accepted.

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